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3 Tips to Improve Your Next Vinyl Record Hunt

Vinyl Record Hunt

Vinyl Record Hunt

These days vinyl records seem to be making a comeback or maybe they’ve been around for a while now. Vinyl Record Hunt Walk into an Urban Outfitters and you’ll be tempted to purchase a record player and some of your favorite band’s records. Buying vinyl records for your collection can really pricey really fast. Here are some tips to help you build your collection while saving some money in your pockets.

1. Buy used

This may seem like a no-brainer but it is very easy to want to pickup the plastic wrapped record. Buying used not only saves you tons money of money ( thinks $5 compared to $20) it also gives you the opportunity to take the record out of the sleeve and check for any scratches, this way you’re sure of what you’re getting.  Also pay attention to the condition of the sleeve, it tells you a lot. Vinyl Record Hunt  Sellers sometimes grade their records, to give you an idea of the condition of the actual record, I recommend going for records that range from good to mint in grade.

When looking to buy used records check out some local stores near you, you can search for them on Google by typing, vinyl record stores near me, in the search bar. You’ll be surprised what you might find in your local neighborhood, often thrift stores and consignment stores have some cool unused and used records.

2. Buy online

Besides buying records at the stores look to buy online at places like Ebay (some  favorite sellers include: this store and this store), Etsy (some favorites include: vintagebaron and justcoolrecords) and there are many other online sellers and stores to purchase used records from at a reason price.  Other online stores include Musicstack, Gemm, and Discogs.  Buying online allows you to compare prices between sellers and also get a chance to connect with a forum of folks that offer new store and music suggestions.

3. Bargain

You’ve  probably bargained at Flea markets or thrift stores so why not do the same at the record store. If you know what kind of record you’re searching for, chances are based on the grade on the sleeve and your intuition you have an idea of how much it should cost, or at least a range. Feel free to bargain to bring the price down to a more reasonable price for your pockets.

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