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5 Ideas to Add Life to Your Space

Add Life to Your Space

Add Life to Your Space

Add Life to Your Space

With Autumn right around the corner, I think its safe to agree that we all plan on spending a little more time indoors. And whether it be an apartment, a house or a studio we could all benefit from feeling comfortable in our homes. If you plan on spending more time at home this season and want to spruce things up and perhaps add some life to your space (besides you and your family of course), here are some easy ideas to do so.

Add Life to Your Space1.  Get Some Plants

Apart from the fact that plants purify the air in your home, they also easily brighten up your space and make it feel a little bit more homely. Also bring more color to your space by selecting colorful planters or even try painting them yourself, a little well a lot, of DIY projects always makes a space feel more like a carefully crafted home




Add Life to Your Space


2. Make it smell like home

Apart from the delicious pies you might be baking this fall, some aromatherapy will definitely make your space feel more welcoming, soothing and relaxing. I love candles that not only smell really good but also look good, help for some pretty eye therapy. My current favorite at the moment is this Lucky Money Sandalwood scented candle by ceramics designer brand, Happy Clay.


















5 Ways to Add Life to Your Home- Traveled Decor

3. Traveled Decor

Did you go anywhere interesting this summer? An island or a small village, display your finds around your home. Besides being great conversation starters, they also trigger great memories that you can share with your home. They also add a nice balance of color, texture and at time functionality. And even if you haven’t traveled anywhere as of late, search thrift stores and flea markets to find pieces that can be symbolic of places you plan to visit sometime in the future. Also check out international designers shops online, like Muima’s Moroccan home decor shop, where Pom Pom Wool Blankets and many more can be found.


























5 Ways to Add Life to Your Home- Books

4. Books on books on books

Books always have a way of making your home feel like a well occupied dwelling. Add Life to Your Space Stack your books on your coffee table, or arrange them on shelves. In a time where Kindle readers and ipads are taking over the way we read, it’ll be nice to just unplug for a little with a cup of tea, a fluffy blanket, relax on nook and read a book.















5. Eclectic Kitchenware

5 Ways to Add Life to Your Home- Eclectic Kithenware

Add Life to Your Space Just like traveled decor has a way of adding color and texture to your space, so does eclectic kitchenware. Collect some serveware from various cultures and have fun gathering with your loved ones. You could host a Turkish cuisine night with these beautiful kitchenware from Turkish ceramic designer,  Zeynep Fadillioglu





















These five ideas will definitely inspire culture within your home and bring life to it as well. For more ideas on how to spruce your home be sure to visit the Feyin Pinterest page. What are some other ideas you’re using to add life to your home this fall?