Feelings, Fe Noel & Focus

January 30th, 2019

I know it’s been a while and so much has happened over the past year. I got hitched and then spent the past year planning my mom’s modern-ish Nigerian wedding in the burbs of New Jersey (more on that later) and leveling up in my tech career. I came out of my blogging hiatus feeling the need to be creative again, especially after spending too many vacation days on the island of Madeira, Portugal. So currently I’m feeling…

like painting patterns with all the gouache paint in the world

like experimenting with recipes; plantain cups stuffed with Thai curry shrimp, anyone?

this Pixi glow tonic for my face, neck, and décolletage (I felt really fancy trying to say that word out loud)

listening to a few of Fela’s songs

and Fe Noel, which I discovered after spending way too many hours scrolling the gram

Fe Noel is currently giving me all the feels, the aesthetic pretty much sums up my style goals. Felisha Noel, a Grenadian designer, for her Resort 2019 collection has created beautiful pieces inspired by Renaissance Art but imagined with lots of melanin, essentially depicting Black women as beautiful and independent (inserts all the yasses here). I’m really drawn to the elegant yet electrifying style of patterns and captivating images by Afro- Cuban American artist, Harmonia Rosales, found in this new collection.


One last thing I’m feeling and hope to continue to feel for the rest of the year is focus. I’d like to focus more on channeling all of my pent up creative energy into this blog. For now, that looks like one blog post a week. Each post will feature topics like DIY tutorials, recipes, design/styling ideas, my art as I slowly pick up the paint brushes again and more of my discoveries as I continue to explore different cultures. Hold me to it, will ya?

images via Fe Noel


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