Borrowing from Cultures: Healthier Habits

January 6th, 2015

Healthier Habits

Healthier Habits

Healthier Habits Six days into the new year and the complete aftermath of holiday parties and gatherings and I’m guessing that you probably made resolutions or goals that pertain to improve your eating habits, work out frequency or overall health. While you make these changes here are some health habits from the Japanese and Moroccan cultures that can help ease you into a healthier lifestyle.

Healthier Habits The Japanese women  are considered to have  one of the  longest lifespans and research proves this can be attributed to their diet as well as their mental fitness. Two important and easy habits you can adopt from the Japanese culture include drinking green tea and participating in zen, prayer, yoga or meditation. Healthier Habits They tend to drink at least six cups of green tea a day which also have many proven health benefits such as preventing heart disease, stimulating metabolism and so much more. Also green tea is much better than coffee, so perhaps you can consider trading in your morning cup of coffee for fresh green tea. In regards to zen, the provides mental stimulation that allows you to think clearly and be more present in your everyday life. Activities such as yoga and  meditation also have positive neurological effects such as reducing stress and preventing dementia.

Healthier Habits In the Moroccan culture there is a common practice of making sure that half of meals are vegetables and fruits. This habit holds to be true as many nutritionists from various cultures have recommended this habit as well. And lastly an easy and effective habit to adopt from this culture, is the use of turmeric. Moroccan women use turmeric to create facial masks, body masks, naturally lighten scars and dark spots and in many of their recipes. The benefits use of turmeric are endless and in the coming weeks, there will be many tutorials and recipes sharing how to use it.

Happy healthier habits!

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