DIY Colorful Terracotta Earrings

As promised last week, I'm sharing a terracotta DIY tutorial today. I think that these colorful terracotta earrings are an easy and festive way to add some earthiness to your style. To add some color and quirkiness to them I used nail polish to add random dots of color around the hoop.

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Terracotta Feels

Lately, I've been piecing together my design ethos, as it relates to the multicultural perspective I seek to offer.  And when I think of design commonalities found pretty much everywhere, besides plants, I think of terracotta.  I can't think of a country where it can't be found, it's almost like a staple. Its rich color and soulful hues bring warm, bold and cozy

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Happy Valentines & A Free Printable Card

Happy Valentines my loves! I've started experimenting with surface pattern design and just doodling for the fun of it, and I created this Valentines printable greeting card for you! Its a fun quirky play on the evil eye symbol found in many cultures around the world, especially in West Asian and some African countries.

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My Almost Vegetarian Plantain Frittata

Growing up as a first-generation Nigerian-American, many Nigerian parents, including mine, would “strongly suggest” that their children become doctors, lawyers or engineers.

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Feelings, Fe Noel & Focus

I know it's been a while and so much has happened over the past year. I got hitched and then spent the past year planning...

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Hi, I'm Tamara. I'm a design enthusiast passionately learning about cultures, design and everything in between. Here on Feyin, you'll find my learnings and ideas and I hope they inspire you to venture out and invite these ideas into your home and lifestyle.