DIY Aztec Wooden Spoons

March 9th, 2017

These Aztec wooden spoons are a quick and easy way to add a spruce of both culture and color into your kitchen. Aztec patterns are commonly found in parts of Mexico and South America, and they typically involve a lot of bright colors, and repeating geometric shapes. For this DIY project I decided to paint only the top handles of the wooden spoons so I can actually still use them and they aren’t just for decoration. However feel free to use them just for kitchen decor.

You’ll need:

Plain wooden spoons

Acrylic craft paint

Permanent makers in various colors

Painters tape

First place the tape on the part of spoon where you would like the base paint to end.

Then paint the handle with your base paint, feel free to paint two layer just to make sure its fully covered. Let dry for about 45 minute to an hour.

After its dry, draw on your patterns with a pencil first. After when you are content with your Aztec pattern then go over your pencil drawings with your permanent color markers. Get as colorful as you’d like, I use white, black, metallic gold, pink and blue on my spoons.

I’d love to see what patterns you come up with for your wooden spoons, so please share them with me using the hashtag #feyinliving. And happy stirring!

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