DIY Mud Cloth Coasters

March 21st, 2019

A few weekends ago, my husband, Segun and I, ventured out to Brooklyn to check out the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Unfortunately, the tickets to that particular exhibition were sold out but to our surprise, there was the Yoruba Egúngún exhibition. We were really excited to see our a small part of our Yoruba culture celebrated in Brooklyn.  The Egúngún exhibition highlights the masquerade dance culture found in many Yoruba regions in Nigeria. To see some of the highlights of our tour of the exhibit, check out the field trips highlight story on the Feyin Instagram account.

After awing over the beautiful textiles and learning so much more about our culture we were craving some home cooked Nigerian food (because we’re foodies). A Yelp search for Nigerian food near us revealed a Sengalese-French restaurant, named Cafe Rue Dix.  No, it wasn’t Nigerian food but we were intrigued. The food was delicious and packed with the favor we were craving. The decor and ambiance felt very French rustic infused with African textiles and natural elements. What stuck out to me the most the Mud cloth motifs found both outside and inside the restaurant. Mud cloth is a textile art that originated in Mali West Africa, from the Bamana culture specifically. They typically coat an undyed cloth with highly pigmented colored mud. It’s a truly interesting and unique technique and Cafe Rue Dix served all the Mud cloth feels.

I wanted to bring a little bit of that motif into our home so I made these Mud cloth inspired coasters. Hence this super easy tutorial on how to make Mudcloth coasters. They’re super easy to make!


Plain wooden coasters (or cork tiles)

Acrylic paint in colors of your choice

Oil paint markers


Outdoor Mod Podge


Ruler (optional)

How to

Use a brush to paint the surface of the coaster and then let the paint dry.

While paint is drying practice different Mud cloth patterns on a sheet of paper to get a sense of which ones you like.

Once coasters are dry, sketch your patterns on to each one using a pencil and ruler, if you want perfect lines.

After using the oil paint markers go over your pencil sketches

Brush a layer of outdoor mod podge to seal design.

And voila you’re done! If you make these share them with me on the gram using the #feyindiy hashtag.



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