Happy Valentines & A Free Printable Card

February 14th, 2019

Happy Valentines my loves! I’ve started experimenting with surface pattern design and just doodling for the fun of it, and I created this Valentine’s printable greeting card for you! Its a fun quirky play on the evil eye symbol found in many cultures around the world, especially in West Asian and some African countries.

I couldn’t decide between the beige and salmon pink backgrounds so I’m sharing both. Download the card below and print on 8.5 x11 paper, fold and give the special one whom you can’t keep your eyes off of!


Also, I made a repeating pattern that you can use as wallpaper for your phone, because why not? To use, click on the images and save to your phone. I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day and remember that every day is a celebration of love!


Download beige card here


Download salmon pink card here



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