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November 28th, 2016



After months of testing fragrances in wax, trying out new wicks and designing patterns, the ile Collection is finally here! The entire process was so self-involving and was truly a labor of love. I think I’ll this about every Feyin endeavor I embark on, I poured my heart and soul into this collection. ile means home in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria, and because I consider Nigeria to be an extension of my home , the name ile is fitting.

If you remember I talked a bit about the pattern design process for each of the labels in this post. So for this post I’ll share more about each  candle name and a little behind the scenes. For this collection I wanted a bit more variety since there are 6 scents, so there are large and mini candles. The mini candles come in 4 oz. travel tins. So the candle scents are as follows

  1. Kanju- Kanju means hustle in Yoruba and I wanted to capture the hustler/dreamer spirit of the Lagos folk.

2. Shakara- Shakara means flamboyant and this quirky perfume like scent mimics the elaborate parties that Nigerians throw.

3. Adun- Aduns means flavor and believe it or not this scent gave me the hardest time. I wanted to capture a flavorful meal in a scent but having your home smell like garlic and peppers on the norm, wasn’t an idea that I was particularly proud of. So I went with the aroma freshly baked sweet bread that often accompanies many Nigerian dishes. Ahhh more pleasant to our noses.

4. Ayo- Ayo means joy and the name of the candle came to me when I would watch kids walk home after summer school and the joy they exuded just from being around their friends was contagious.

5. Awujo- Awujo means community and in Nigeria everyone is big is on community, whether its having your next door neighbor babysit your kids or your local hairstylist come over to your home and plait your hair, community means a lot. This scent reminds me of Zobo, a hibiscus tea

6. Irorun- Irorun comfort and I think this one really embodies what being home feels like, comfortable.

In the shop, you can learn more about each scent and their designs.

Here are some out takes from the initial photo shoot of the candles.

ayo mini candle



Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I decided the feel of the images didn’t really convey the aesthetic I was going for, so I decided to keep it clean and simple with the images in the shop. All the candles are made in my apartment kitchen (a little upgrade from my parents basement).


So the shop is officially open today and since its Cyber Monday, it’s 10% off with the code cybermonday.  Thanks for stopping by!


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