Viviente Candle Collection

December 1st, 2015

natural beauty
natural beauty

This year in May, my good friend, Toyin, and I travelled to Costa Rica and spent one very long week there. During our four hour drive to Puerto Viejo from the airport, our rental had a flat tire. And with the few Spanish words we were able to thank a good Samaritan, for installing a new one for us after we were stranded for over an hour. While in Puerto Viejo we met tons of expats and locals that gave us tours of the neighborhood, spoke about simple life is in Costa Rica and how much they loved it and we even went ziplining. natural beauty In La Fortuna, we went hiking and ATV riding and we fell off our ATV’s and laughed and cried a little bit. Then we went horseback riding through the mountains and forests and I was so scared. Alex our instructor, calmed me down and while on our horses, he spoke so much about living life, facing our fears and about doing all the things we are afraid to do. He called it Viviente, which in Spanish means living. 

natural beauty
natural beauty
Our trip was quite an adventure, I even have tiny scar on my back from falling off the ATV but it was worth it. When we finally got back to America in the beginning of June, Alex’s words wouldn’t leave me nor my heart and I was reminded of something I had always wanted to do, make Feyin a home decor and accessories brand as well. And I’ve started with candles! So in June, I started saving up, turning my parent’s basement into a studio and signed up for a candle making workshop in Brookyln. I did tons of research, and designed the labels with my watercolor sketches and got to work on making and pouring candles.
Here are some of my sketches and what they look like on the labels after I designed them.
The Viviente Collection of candles are inspired by my trip to Costa Rica. When creating the scents I was inspired by everything from the food, to how welcoming and loving the local families in Puerto Viejo were, to the forests and volcanoes that we went hiking on in La Fortuna, to all the colorful homes we saw and even to the music we heard.  It comprises of five scents:
Aventura which means Adventure
Despierto which means Awaken
Floracion which means Blooming
Libre which means Freedom
Pura which means Pure
It is my hope that they will fill your homes with inspiration to live life and pursue all the things and dreams that scare you. I also hope they will fill your homes with the joy I found in the expats hearts in Puerto Viejo, the happiness I saw in the children as they played freely in front of their homes in La Fortuna and San Jose and with the simplicity of life that the pure air in Costa Rica holds. I pray even more that you will feel the love I poured in making each of these candles.
The online shop opens on Monday,December 7th, at 10:00am. Hope you’ll support this new project and extension of this space. I’ll be blogging more about the process of creating this collection by starting a new series called Behind The Scenes, BTS, so stay tuned.


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