Terracotta Feels

February 20th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been piecing together my design ethos, as it relates to the multicultural perspective I seek to offer.  And when I think of design commonalities found pretty much everywhere, besides plants, I think of terracotta.  I can’t think of a country where it can’t be found, it’s almost like a staple. Its rich color and soulful hues bring warm, bold and cozy feels into the home. It is found in so many countries and is a staple in art history. It has different purposes in different countries and cultures, from sculptures in places like Nigeria and China to architecture in places like Colombia and Italy.

I remember being in the fourth grade during the two years I spent in Nigeria, taking a pottery class and making bowls and plates out of terracotta clay. I don’t think I appreciated design, as much as I do now, hence why the plates broke on the bus home the next day. So stay tuned for some terracotta filled DIY tutorials! And while I’m not including Terracotta in my design ethos, I think there is something that can be borrowed from its beauty, flexibility or its Earthiness. I’ll keep thinking about it, in the meantime here is some more visual inspiration to spark thoughts about bringing terracotta into your home, aside from the popular Home Depot planter.

Beyond just terracotta walls and floors, I’d love to try it on doors, countertops and I don’t mean the boring subway terracotta tiles, more like the smooth finish and washy look of cement countertops. I’ve also thought about terracotta coffee table paired with hints of emerald green and a terracotta dining chairs or bookshelves. What about you, are there any other ways you can imagine using terracotta in your home?

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