Try This: Japanese Noren

January 20th, 2015

Japanese Noren

If you’re looking for small space dividers or looking for some cultural infusion to spruce up your space, you should consider adding a Japanese Noren. Made out of fabric and sometimes with embroidery, they are used for protection from the sun in shops and restaurants. If you have a small space such as a studio and want to add dividers that take up any floor space, this would be a perfect addition. Also you can consider using them in your backyard on the patio or even over your bathroom windows. They are also great alternatives to curtains well. And maybe even over the entrance of your front door, for a party or forever. There are oh so many possibilities for these.

Perhaps we ought to do a DIY tutorial on how make some? We shall!

Japanese Noren

Japanese Noren

Japanese Noren

Japanese Noren

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